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In the year 2007, another world has been discovered and can only be accessed in different (and unique) ways. This world shows some ressemblance to the world we live today but with a couple of twists. One of the most unusual and mysterious places within this new world is the infamous Elemill Island. It may be a paradise to some people who live there, but it holds a very important secret...

You play as Nicholas Shephard, a newcomer to this new world as well as a visitor of Elemill Island. Help guide him throughout the island and investigate every area from the beaches of Tropical Cove to the boiling crater that is known as Furnace Vault. Monsters roam around the open areas, demons dwell in sacred places, and mysterious creatures hide in every corner. It is the beginning of an adventure for this newcomer, what secrets will he uncover?


How to control your Character:

Arrow Keys = Move Character

X Button = Pause/Menu Button

Space Button = Click/Event Button


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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ElementWorldPre.zip 468 MB